Welcome to The Geneva Post Quarterly

Jacques WERNER
Editor and Publisher

Geneva, as we all know, is the magnet for events of world importance, be it in the fields of international trade, intellectual property, labour relations, human rights, health, science, or above all, peace negotiations—namely, world affairs. The mission of the Quarterly will be to reflect this burgeoning wealth, to become the forum of choice for debating the most significant current issues as seen from here, and to do this in the best tradition of free expression of ideas and the confrontation of diverse opinions, irrespective of the point of view they represent, provided they reach our high standard of quality.

Being a forum will have as a consequence that, far from reflecting a unique school of thoughts, the Quarterly will publish articles where authors disagree with one another. If this sometimes looks like chaos, be it so. We think that this is the way to make the Quarterly the most interesting and useful for our readers.

A word on the title. There is history here. Twelve years ago, a daily newspaper, The Geneva Post, was first published. If its life was short, its impact was real, evidencing a thirst for informed discussion. The Geneva Post Quarterly will endeavour to rekindle this spirit.