The Journal of World Affairs

April 2006

Welcome to the Geneva Post Quarterly Jacques Werner 7
The WTO after Hong Kong

Sum, ergo...

Petros C. Mavroidis 9
Rule without Law

Injustice at the United Nations ?

Edward Patrick Flaherty
and Sarah Hunt
Weak versus Strong at the WTO

The South-South Coalition

from Bandung to Hong Kong

An Chen 55
The UN Commission on Human Rights

There Had to Be a Better Way

Brett D. Schaefer 109
Energy Security

Why America Cannot Achieve it Unilaterally

John Gault 125
Defending Humanity

From Celebrations to Rediscovery

Michel Veuthey 147
Intellectual Property and Public Health

Unpleasant Marriage?

Tshimanga Kongolo 185
Faith in Science Douglas D. Reichert 211
What a Week!

An International Arbritrator's Diary

Jacques Werner 229

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