The Journal of World Affairs

November 2006

Sacrificing Liberty for Security

The Controversy and Consequences

of the USA Patriot Act

Bob Barr 5
A Church without Women Leaders

Will Women ever Govern the Roman Catholic Church?

John Wijngaards 23
Reinventing the Balkans

A Global Corporate Community Agenda:

Critical Mass Market Development

Michael Byrnes and
Carl-Gustav Bjertnes
The Place of Dispute Resolution in
Globalization and Free Trade
Helmut O. Maucher 101

A “New Deal” for the United Nations

Let’s Try Again!

Reform à la Roosevelt and Lincoln!

Colum de Sales Murphy 131

Will the Real Demandeurs in Services Negotiations Stand Up, Please

Thomas Chan 147

Political Economy of Intellectual Property Policy-Making

An Observation from a Realistic

(and Slightly Cynical) Perspective

Meir Perez Pugatch 161

Rules for Foreign Investment

The US Agenda in Bilateral Trade Agreements

Laura J. Loppacher
and William A. Kerr

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